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How to Begin Crafting Wood

Wood carving is an accessible, fun, and creative craft which does not need any fancy equipment or workplace. All you actually need to prepare is a piece of wood, and other tools for crafting.

You also need to consider the type of wood, as well as the kind of tools for the job, as they will have an impact on safety, difficulty, as well as the output of your project. Let’s us consider some things that you need to consider as you get started with crafting wood.

Crafting Wood Supplies

The actual supplies needed for a wood crafting project depends on what you want to accomplish. However, there are some standard supplies and equipment that you want to prepare at hand. Let’s take a look at some of them:

• Sandpaper. Sandpaper is needed in every project. This is used in order to eliminate cuts, as well as splintered ends. It is also used for smoothing surfaces.

sand papers

• Nails and Wood Screws. You will also need some nails and wood screws. It will not be considered as wood crafting without any hammering or drilling. You can buy nails and wood screws which are long enough, and where you can also attach wood together.

• Wood Glue. Wood glue is applied to joints before attaching them with nails and wood screws. This will ensure a longer lasting bond. After applying the glue, with the joints attached together, you can now wipe off some excess glue.

• Paint – Smaller bottles of paint may be purchased at hardware stores or craft stores. You can get a clear spray sealer, as it serves as an amazing finish to your project. This is also important, because the paint should be sealed from the weather.

• Jig Saw – A jig saw is a versatile equipment used for wood crafting. It can cut huge pieces of wood to smaller sizes, or cut some simple shapes drawn out from wood.


• Power Drill and Bits – Drilling on a pilot hole before you add wood screws will help in eliminating splitting. You can use a drill bit in drilling the hole, changing to a screwdriver bit and attaching the screws.


• Measuring Tape – This very important tool is very important in getting your measurements right.

There are still other tools that you need to prepare. Without them, you will not be able to craft wood as expected. When using them, it is very important to exercise caution, especially those that have sharp edges, such as a jig saw. Make sure that you take into consideration safety first so that you can find the task even more pleasurable.

Of course, aside from preparing the tools, you also need some simple wood crafting patterns to start with. The internet is filled with patterns. The best part is that they are mostly free to copy and download. You can consider designing a personal pattern if you cannot find one that fits your preferences. As you start on your first project, you will eventually be attached to the art soon enough!

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